Marketing Magic

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There are many advantages of hiring a top magician and a member of the Magic Circle like Paul Clancy for your stand at a trade show.

The biggest and most obvious is that his presence is guaranteed to attract more visitors. With so much competition, you really need something more than just an attractive booth in order to compete effectively.

Paul will skilfully attract visitors to your stand and keep them there ready for your sales team to continue the interaction. They will already be warmed to your product or service making it easier for your sales team to make the next move.

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However, a good, professional trade show magician like Paul is not there just to perform a few magic tricks.

He will take time to learn a little about your company and the services and products you are offering. Paul will then cunningly incorporate items such as your business cards, flyers,or sales messages and strap lines into his magic routine and patter.

This will ensure that of all the stands visited yours is the one that most people will remember and talk about once the show is over.

This is a simple but effective way to begin building a bond between your company and prospective clients.

Hiring Paul Clancy for your next trade show or exhibition is a small investment that will definitely pay off. It will also ensure that the same visitors will make a bee-line to your stand the following year.